Sale Agreement to a Horse Trader
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Sale Agreement to a Horse Trader

Selling your horse or pony to a Horse Trader can be a quick method to obtain a sale of your horse, but simply because you are dealing with someone “in the trade” does not mean that you will not benefit from having the agreement set out in writing.
Buyer Beware
It is the trader’s responsibility to weigh up the pros and cons of any purchase prior to buying a horse from you the private seller. The attached agreement sets out the main terms of the sale, and any subsequent problems can be dealt with by reference to these terms.
Top Tips
  • Make sure that a written agreement is signed by both you and the trader to protect your interests.
  • Make sure that the Horse’s Passport is in order. This is a legal document and all horses in the UK should have one.  
Description, Purpose, Deposit, Ownership, Tack and Equipment, Veterinary Examination, Transport, Insurance, Third Party Rights, Disputes, Jurisdiction.

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