Some give money, some give their time, some give practical help.

Manager Susan Tron is grateful that Chris Shaw gives all three - and takes a personal interest in how Shaw & Co Solicitors' Newcastle, contribution makes a difference.

“Chris has been very supportive in providing help for several years - even just for the day-to-day standard things that most funders wouldn’t pay for,” she said.

“He’s interested in horses and the work we do and is particularly supportive when we need equipment or any kind of practical help. He also gives legal advice, and being a riding school we need lots of advice about someone who understands equine law.”

Because the office is so close to the stables, Susan regards Shaw & Co Solicitors' as good neighbours.

“They are fabulous to us and are perfect to have on board,” she said.

“They help instructors and give us training in what we need to know. Nothing is too much trouble for them. They are worth their weight in gold and it’s quite touching.

“And it’s not just donations - he’s always taken an interest in what we are doing.”

She added: “It’s great to have people like Chris. He doesn’t just hand over money and give advice, but he’s been to the AGM, he’s met the kids, he’s seen the work, he knows what we do - and then if he’s talking to other people that raises awareness and stimulates interest.”

To find out more about the charity’s work, go to: www.stepneybank.co.uk

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Stepney Bank Stables

Stepney Bank, just a stone’s throw from Shaw & Co Solicitors' offices Newcastle upon Tyne, is a unique equine project helping youngsters develop their confidence, motivation and personal and social development.

The charity has an indoor arena and space for 27 horses and ponies, and is visited by hundreds of regular users. It could not operate without the generosity of people prepared to support the project.

Established in 1992, it is the only project of its kind and aims to use horses as a tool, to motivate, educate and pass on key social skills. Over the years, the concept has proved to be an effective, long term way of reaching the disadvantaged.


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Stepney Bank Stables

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