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A woman who broke her back being thrown from a horse drawn carriage secured a £22,500 Horse Riding Accident Compensation award thanks to Shaw and Co Solicitors UK.

She was sent flying when the vehicle jerked forward as she tried to disembark at a county show.

Though lucky not to have been paralysed, her injuries were still very serious and she has had to retire from a rural business she operated.

Equestrian law expert Mary Ann Charles eventually obtained an admission of negligence and compensation - even though the carriage owner’s insurance company implied the fall was  the woman’s own fault.

“We had to battle an insurance company which tried to claim that my client was in some way to blame for the accident,” she said.

The accident happened when the horses attached to the carriage jerked forward just as woman was standing at the back getting ready to step off. Only the skill of surgeons saved the woman from being paralysed.

The driver had been unable to control the two animals and a groom who should have held their heads steady was instead chatting at the back of the carriage.

The firm’s insurance company initially refused to accept liability until the woman engaged Shaw and Co Solicitors UK, who had been recommended by a friend who knew that Mary Ann knows as much about horses and how they behave as she does the law.

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