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Shaw and Co Solicitors offer a Free Online Legal Advice Service covering all aspects of Personal Injury Law and Accident Compensation Claims. With over 25 years experience in Accident Litigation, Shaw and Co Solicitors are one of the most experienced Law Firms in England.
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Shaw and Co Solicitors have secured Accident Compensation for thousands of clients.

One of the most experienced Personal Injury Law Firms in England.

Millions of Pounds in Accident Compensation won representing all aspects of Personal Injury Law.

Speak to a Personal Injury Expert with our Free Online Legal Advice Service.

Shaw and Co Solicitors Expert Personal Injury Solicitors.

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Our Free Online Legal Advice Service gives you the benefit of expert legal advice, from the comfort of your own home. 

Every step of the way.

Our friendly team of Expert Personal Injury Solicitors will help you with any questions you may have about claiming compensation after an accident and how to get started.

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An free online consultation with one of our Accident Compensation Solicitors can help you with any problems you may have with an existing claim for compensation.

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Speak directly to an Expert Personal Injury Lawyer.

Discuss your claim in full during a 15 minute consultation with an experienced solicitor.
This will provide you with the help and information required to get the best result from your claim.

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Questions & Answers

Why use Shaw & Co Personal Injury Solicitors?

Shaw and Co Solicitors are one of the most experienced Personal Injury Law Firms in England, with over 24 years of knowledge, experience and expertise in all aspects of Accident Litigation. 

What will I get?

A thirty minute consultation with one of our expert Personal Injury team. One of our friendly solicitors can give you free advice and a professional assessment of your claim.

What do I have to do?

Get in touch. An informal chat with one of our friendly team is all you need to do, to get started. We have many years experience in dealing with all kinds of injury claims, big and small, simple and complex. 

What does it cost?

Absolutely no costs are involved. Our Free Online Legal Advice service is exactly that, free. If you need any help or advice with claiming compensation, after an accident or an injury, then get in touch. We can help you through the process.

Will one call be enough?

Quite simply, yes. It will take one call, with one of our expert team, to determine whether or not you have a claim for accident compensation. In most cases, we can also estimate the amount of compensation your claim may achieve.

Will it increase my chances of winning?

Getting the best advice, from an experienced personal injury solicitor, is crucial when claiming compensation for an accident or injury. We can support and guide you through the entire process of accident compensation, ensuring the best result for your claim.

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