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Compensation Claim Settlements December 2022

December 2022 Compensation Claims Settled by Shaw and Co Solicitors North East.

As usual when the year draws to a close, there is less opportunity to settle cases before the holidays, but as usual we still had some interesting cases, including:
Car Accident Claim – another example of a client who suffered a serious injury when hit by a car, which had left the road.
Dental Negligence Claim – this was a complex case where the client had been fitted with veneers that were wholly inappropriate for her. Causing significant problems and pain from the veneers, which needed remedial treatment to correct the problem.
Horse Accident Claim – our client was thrown from her horse and was injured, when she encountered road works. The works were being carried out in a hazardous way and likely to startle and spook horses, even though this was a rural area widely used by horse riders. Needless to say, the accident could have been easily avoided.
Occupiers Liability Claim – our client who was a visitor to the Defendants premises was injured when a bunk bed collapsed. Fortunately, the injuries weren’t too serious, but again could have been easily prevented by routine maintenance of the bed.
Medical Treatment Claim – this is now an increasing part of our case load. In this instance our client suffered 12 months of avoidable pain and discomfort as the result of a failure to diagnose and treat a dislocated finger joint, which then needed surgical treatment. A simple x-ray referral would have resulted in an appropriate diagnosis and treatment being provided in a timely manner.
Car Accident Claim – our client was injured when walking along a country road, which had no designated footpath. This was disregarded by the driver of a van, which was travelling at speed and without due regard for other road users. Luckily our client was able to jump out of the way of the van into verge next to the road but was injured as a result of taking evasive action – could have been a lot worse.


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