Horse Lease Agreement Contract
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Horse Lease Agreement Contract

Shaw and Co Personal Injury Solicitors Newcastle upon Tyne offer a wide range of free equine contracts and equestrian legal agreements. In this section, we provide an equine contract specific to a horse lease agreement. This equine agreement form for a horse lease from Shaw and Co was drafted by an equine lawyer whose specialist practise is equine law.
Equine horse lease contracts are recommended for both parties when leasing a horse. Equus Legals horse lease agreement helps to ensure that leasing a horse is a straightforward transaction. Horse lease agreements are a commonly used equine contract and are more effective when drafted by an experienced equine lawyer.
Shaw and Co Equine Solicitors Horse Lease Agreement
The horse lease agreement from Shaw and Co is a comprehensive equine contract. This equestrian document features the following terms and conditions :
length of lease, horse care, prohibited activities, veterinary and other expert care, insurance requirements, inspection and access, permitted riders, assignment and disputes, termination of agreement.

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